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The Las Baulas National Marine Park: An Untouched Natural Ecosystem Unlike Any Other

Imagine what it was like to set foot on the coastline of Central America before human beings walked the earth. Pristine untouched beaches unpolluted by footprints, umbrellas, and towels. Salt water creeks lined with bright lime-green mangrove trees and towering palm trees loaded with ripe coconuts protruding over the horizon. Waves that break for as far as the eye can see without a single interruption. All you can hear other than the waves breaking on the sand is the sound of howler monkeys in the distance, and the songs of over one hundred species of birds. The smell of the salt air is fresh and pure.

Sounds like a dream! Las Baulas National Marine Park, neighbor to the Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel, brings that dream to life in this modern age.

The Las Baluas National Marine Park was established with the purpose of protecting the Costa Rican wildlife that exists in this uniquely bio-diverse ecosystem. You may think you have stepped back in time not only because of the unpolluted landscape, but also because of the park’s 174 species of birds and other animals, including leatherback turtles (baulas), after which the park was named.

Leatherbacks are Jurassic giants that grow to be over six feet long and weigh over a ton. Possibly witnessing these gigantic creatures, along with the crocodiles that live in the park, is as close as human beings of today can get to experiencing the dinosaurs of prehistoric times. For thousands of years, these turtles have returned to nest at Playa Grande, Costa Rica, right here in Las Baulas Marine Park. It is unlikely to see baulas often because they are severely endangered, but you might just get lucky during turtle season!

The Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel is Tamarindo’s Expert on Tours of Las Baulas Marine Park​

  • Las Baulas Estuary Tour (A Local Favorite)

We will put you on a boat with a local tour guide that is bi-lingual, friendly, funny, and has a deep knowledge of the park, its history, and its wildlife. The boats are located just inside the Tamarindo entrance to the park, right outside our front door.

The boats are designed to access the shallow recesses of the river’s mangroves while creating minimum impact on the environment. This is an exhilarating way to witness and learn about the park’s diverse landscape, flora, fauna, and countless animals. Taking this tour at sunset will make you feel like you are dreaming. Take it from us, this is a must-do on your Tamarindo vacation.

  • Other Tours

If you are interested in any of the other tours that Las Baulas has to offer, such as the guided night turtle tour, the kayak tour, or the walking tour, we will book you for one of those as well.

  • “Tours are not my thing.”

Want to experience the beauty of Las Baulas, but don’t want to book a tour? No problem! You are welcome to enter the park for surfing, bird-watching, exploring, or whatever else your heart desires. We’ll provide you with the killer location, you just have to walk a few steps to get to the park.

Save an Endangered Species While You Have Fun!

The number of leatherback sea turtles have severely decreased over the past years, and ecosystems as diverse and unique as this one are few and far between. Proceeds from tourism go to keeping this slice of heaven and its inhabitants alive, so do your part by simply paying a visit! We look forward to sharing one of Guanacaste’s best kept secrets with you.

For questions about visiting the Las Bualas National Marine Park, to make a reservation at our hotel in Tamarindo, or for anything else, please contact us.

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